Hey, guys and gals! Welcome to my blog! I’m so glad you’re here! I am the Bloggster! I post all kinds of content! My content ranges from DIYs and School Stuff, to Quotes, Facts, Book Reviews, and Lists, to EVEN Video Game guides and cheats!

Some things to know about me: I LOVE Divergent! I have the best best BEST friends in the world (not saying their real names): Perry and Taco! I have a Yorkie named Griffin; he’s so cute! And, I love to be positive! #GoodVibes

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Popular Roblox Games’ CODES – Codes for 3 different Roblox Games! (Murder Mystery 2, Meep City, and Miners’ Haven!)

Back To School Organization – Some cool downloads I made for school organization!

10 Quotes That Will Make You Feel Like A Better Human Being – 10 heart-touching quotes

Sims 4: How to Get Custom Content – Tutorial on how to get Sims 4 Custom Content

10 Interesting Facts – Pretty self-explanatory…10 Interesting Facts!

Book Review: Divergent – Also pretty self-explanatory… A book review on Divergent.

Friendship – A story on friendship

DIY Silver & Gold Slime! – How to make silver and gold slime!