Book Review: Divergent

I can NOT tell you ENOUGH of how much I love Divergent! Divergent has changed my life greatly! It has taught me how to be a much braver person. I can not express how much it has changed me for the better. I feel like I can accomplish anything, and fear doesn’t hold me back as much. I highly recommend reading Divergent and it’s series! Let’s get on to explaining it!

So, Divergent is a dystopian written by Veronica Roth (who I have met, by the way). It takes place in the future, and there are 5 factions. There was a war, the Purity War, and different people believed different human virtues caused the war. Those who believed selfishness caused the war formed Abnegation, and they are the selfless. Those who believed aggression caused the war formed Amity, the kind. Those who formed ignorance formed Erudite, the smart. Those who believed dishonesty formed Candor, the honest. And lastly, those who believed cowardice formed Dauntless, the brave. When you turn 16, you go to the Choosing Ceremony and pick your faction. You cut your hand with a knife, and drop your blood into the faction you desire’s bowl. If you fail faction initiation, or somehow get kicked of your faction, you become factionless, or basically homeless.

The main character, Tris, is Abnegation born. She doesn’t feel like she is selfless, and that she doesn’t belong in Abnegation. She takes her Aptitude Test (the test that tells her what faction she should choose) and finds out she is Divergent. Divergents are those who fit into multiple factions. Tris fit into Abnegation, Erudite, and Dauntless. So, when she turns 16, she picks Dauntless. The story revolves around her facing Dauntless initiation, and doing other things. I don’t want to say because therefore I would spoil the book. She falls in love with Four, her initiation instructor, and they are an unstoppable couple!

I highly recommend reading Divergent, it is SUCH an amazing book. It has changed me and made me such a brave person. I love Divergent!

“Fear doesn’t shut you down. It wakes you up.” -Four



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