Friendship is a very valuable thing. Friendship can change you, forever. Friends will always be there for you, no matter what. I have the best 2 friends in the world. They mean so much to me, and I would do anything for them. I will not say their real names, but their nicknames. If you’re reading this, Perry and Taco, I love you in friend love SOOOO much! You mean the world to me. Never take your friendship for granted, and never think your friends don’t want to be your friend anymore. If you have real friends, like I do, they will always be there for you, no matter what. They never purposely will make you feel left out, and that is something I learned today. I will tell you a story about friendship.

So today at Math, my 2 friends sit next to each other, and I sit 2 rows behind them. It feels like a lot. Today was the first day of all 3 of us not sitting next to each other in math. I felt really left out, because they were laughing together, and they were partners. They didn’t even come ask me to join their group. The person I sat next to, she didn’t work with me; she was working with someone else. Everybody was working in a group, or with partners, except for me. It really made me feel left out, and whenever I looked at my 2 friends, they were laughing. I was really upset, even though I knew they didn’t do it on purpose. I felt like they didn’t want to be my friend anymore, even though I knew that wasn’t true. I kept making the situation worse than it actually was in my brain. I kept thinking about even in the other class, our main class, they sit right next to each other, while I sit at a different table. I felt completely left out, and that they didn’t like me anymore. I knew that wasn’t true, but it was hard to keep that in mind. When Math was over, they didn’t even wait for me to walk back to class. So, I walked with someone else. When we got back to our main class, they didn’t even talk to me that much. But one of my friends is my partner for a science thing, and then she started talking to me. After that, everything was normal. At recess, we played as usual, and everything was better.

I know that this isn’t a crazy heartbreaking story, but I did learn a lesson, and I’d like to share it with you guys and gals. No matter if you think that your friends don’t want to hang out with you anymore, no matter if you think that you don’t belong, no matter what happens, if you have true friends like I do, they will always love you and be there for you. Never doubt your friends.

“True friends are those rare people who come to find you in dark places and lead you back to the light.”

Perry and Taco, don’t feel bad. I forgive you. It wasn’t your fault at all. I probably would have done the same. I love you SO much ifl, and don’t say you’re sorry. Please, it’s ok.


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