Sims 4: How to Get Custom Content

Hello! So, today I will be showing you how to get really cute custom content for your Sim! The website I am using is: The Sims Resource (

Step 1:

Go to The Sims Resource and find the custom content you would like to get for your Sim(s). I found this really cute hair with a bun in the back. You simply click the one you want, and it will take you to this screen:


Step 2:

Click the green download button. After you do, you must 10 seconds, then this will pop up.simscc3

Step 3:

Somewhere at the bottom, it will ask you about downloading it or saving the file. For me, I click “Save”. Open up your “Downloads” folder and “Mods” folder for Sims.


Step 4:

Drag the custom content you downloaded into the Mods file, and voila!


Sorry I could not demonstrate the custom content on my Sim. It’s late at night, and I don’t feel like loading Sims right now. Basically all you need to do now is open up Sims, edit your Sim (change their clothes or whatever) and it should be there! Have fun! Credit to Perry for showing me this!


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